Our present is being shaped by technology and the future shall be dominated by technology. At ACCROID with our passionate drive and unique position we are poised to bridge the gap between the technological requirements of our clients and talented individuals who can facilitate those requirements. We are the lynchpin, we are the middle ground for technology and people, we are here to serve the need for technology and aid, to bring people who can make that happen.

Right set of people are imperative for an organization to thrive. We know this! Headquartered in Wilmington, ACCROID is dedicated towards finding the right talent and solutions for all our client’s needs recruitment needs. The unending job search and waiting for company’s approval can prove to be tedious and frustrating. This is where we become a helping hand and help you save time, energy and resources with our services. We are here to support you with finding perfect opportunities and recruiting the perfect candidate for your company’s needs.

With our expertise in IT staffing along with a dynamic team, our clients value us as a trusted and worthy advisor and this belief of our clients, reinforces our faith in our capabilities and makes us grow as an organization. We truly believe that only the best businesses can bring transformational changes globally. Our chief motive is to always help you in finding, selecting and recruiting the best talent solutions for achieving your organizational goals!

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Accroid principally steers ahead on the values of commitment, dedication, passion and effective solutions.

At Accroid Inc, Our team is always at the forefront, swift, raring, scouring and posting multitude of opportunities in the IT domain. Whether you are a candidate looking for an opportunity or an organization looking to fulfill your various staffing and recruitment needs, we have got your covered through our resources and strategic services. No matter, if your requirement is in the domain of IT or non IT we are here for you.

Our solutions and services serve various domains, which are as but not limited to:

Healthcare Finance Retail Insurance Mortgage

Travel & Hospitality Banking Information Technology



Vision, Mission And Values

Our prolific master-ship in IT solutions and recruitment, is set forth for becoming a gigantic force, providing IT services across every industry. We want to become a premier company that understands the client’s requirements and discharges the duties diligently. Above all, our Accroid and determination shall leave a lasting impact on the entire global community.

Our mission is to create a trajectory keeping in mind the company’s ethos and beliefs. The experiences and knowledge required for providing IT solutions in this fast-paced working culture is what will ensure a strong support system for our client organizations. Result oriented and time bound deliverables is given priority in our global IT services.

We strive to deliver the most reliable, effective and best suited solutions to our clients' needs. Always keeping the best interest of our clients as our focus while always delivering on that idea and making sure that we have the best recollection and reliability through delivery of our services.


Causes We Support

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