Direct Hire Service

The right talent at the right time

Our IT service provider offers direct hiring services to our clients across diverse portfolios. The success and profitability of a company rely on the individuals who work in it, given the dynamic nature of their needs and requirements. We assist in building our clients' internal team of candidates by providing skilled and accomplished IT professionals for various job roles.

Our Steps In

Direct Hire Service

Committing to a full-time position is a serious decision. Your team at Accroid understands your needs and can answer the questions of both companies and talent. We know how to find a fulfilling match with long-term potential and can work through the stickier full-time-hire hurdles. We negotiate in good faith and support both business and the talent as they make the transition.

Full-time hires are a big deal. They are a major life event for the person hired and an addition of new long-term capabilities for the company. That’s why our people take the time to explore a client’s business plan, articulate long-term goals and create a staffing roadmap to get them there. That’s why we meet extensively with potential candidates and get to know them, their skills, growth goals, professional needs, and potential. And that’s why we pay attention to the cultural fit on both sides.

Understanding Clients Needs

We carefully assess your needs and offer the appropriate service.

Get Skilled Talent

We provide prospects from our pool of highly skilled personnel.

Delivery of Needs

Prepare to see the extraordinary client experience!

We Provide

Direct Hire Services For

  • Programming Language: Python, Java, .Net, C, C++, JavaScript, Cobol
  • RDBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB
  • ERP: SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Odoo

  • Data Warehousing: ETL/BI Tools like Informatica, Datastage, Abinitio, Congnos, BO, SAS, Crystal Reports
  • Administration: System Admins, Network Admins, Security Analyst
  • Web Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Adobe, UI Design